Ginny Huber

Welcome to Flowering Fibers, the website of Ginny Huber

New photos on the banner above and on other pages on this website to reflect my evolving  love of color and nature... and the felting, dyeing and botanical printing that come out of it. Thanks for coming along as connecting with people is another important part of the process!

The video below (2:53 seconds) was made for an exhibit  several years ago and shows the process of creating felted "Second Stories" -wall art from recycled sari silks and wool...also shown are  the beginnings of my love of botanical printing with leaves and flowers which you can see more of on this website..some of the shots in the video are from learning in Italy and others from Seattle, where I live..."Next Chapters" include the next part of the recycling adventure and ongoing creations with plants.
You can see more on the Face Book links above and on this site's Shop page, which offers more of these pieces for sale. They are also available via my home studio; you can contact me here to see them in person.

About the photos below:

-Flower,  featured in book " 1000 Artisan Textiles" (Rockford/Quarry Press 2010).SOLD

-Detail of a logwood dyed silk scarf printed with euclyptus, annatto seeds, turmeric root- "A Starry Night"

-Felted art piece "Second Story" from recycled sari silks,  wool wisps and more. SOLD at SDA (Surface Design Assn) exhibit March 2012.

-Two close-ups on plant printed naturally dyed scarves

-Felted pillow and little pouch -from "Next Chapters" series -pieces made from "Second Stories"- recycled wall art SOLD on floweringfibers.bigcartel.com 2016